Cookies Policy

On the website we use small text files, called cookies, which help us improve your browsing and ensure the site’s regular and well-tempered operation. Using these certain data packages, which are being saved in the specific device that you use to enter the website, is necessary for its proper and correct function. Cookies Policy, as it is explained on the current document, helps you to comprehend and understand the utility and practicality in which cookies are used.

What are Cookies

Cookies are the small text files, which a website saves on your computer, or in general on the device you may use to connect with the website. These documents, serve as tracking compartments of the devices, in terms of visiting and navigating websites. They are divided in:

a) Necessary Cookies: These cookies aim at storing information or accessing information already stored on your device, in order to perform processes necessary for the operation of the website. According to the current law, rejection of these cookies is impossible, as without them the provision of services through the website would not be technically available.

b) First party cookies: These are the cookies that are set by the website, you are visiting. They can only be read by the specific website, and their only purpose is to store basic information regarding the choices made by the user during his stay on the website, so the site may recognize user’s basic preferences in a potential return.

When you visit our Website, you are called to accept or reject cookies. This way, the website will be able to store your preferences and display an improved environment adjusted to them.

Under no circumstances special personal data are stored in cookies, nor rights of use and process of your personal data are granted to services of the website through cookies.

How do we use Cookies

The webpage of KYKNOS is mostly using first party cookies, as well as the necessary cookies for the proper function of the website. As mentioned above, first party cookies aim to store the user’s preferences, to improve the operation of the website, as well as to collect analytical data for the users’ behavior, which will be used to form the Company’s Policy regarding the operation of the website.
Necessary cookies, are a functional variable of the website, and subsequently run across through your entire navigation, to the extent that it is completely necessary for the provision of the service or the disclosure of the information, that has been explicitly requested by a user.

Analytic cookies gather information about your browsing behavior on the Website, such as which pages are frequently visited and whether you receive error messages. These cookies allow us to create a website structure and interface as friendly as possible to you. It is possible that we use software, such as Google Analytics, to analyze page usage, page interactions and the paths that are chosen through our website. Such cookies are known as “website metrics” or “analytics”.

Finally, cookies of targeted advertising and social networking cookies may be used by our website. Advertising cookies allow the analysis and specification of your preferences based on your web visits, in order to promote merchandise products that affiliates your needs and interests. Social networking cookies are necessary for linking your social media account to our website. For instance, to allow you to repost and share information on our website with your friends on the social media or to choose to follow our website on the social media. Social Media Cookies are not necessary to browse our website.

How does Cookies Consent works

Cookies that are not strictly necessary to make the services available on our website are only used when you provide us with your consent. As soon as you actively accept cookies via the cookie banner on our website, you consent to their use.
You can, of course, customize your cookie settings at any time, for example by activating or deactivating individual cookie categories.You can find out how to deactivate or delete cookies in general in your browser under the next chapter of this Cookie Policy.

Where you have provided consent to the use of cookies on the basis of a notice (Cookie banner) displayed on our websites (“cookies banner”), the legality of this data processing is based on its acceptance and is governed by Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR. Where consent is not requested, the legal basis for the use of these functional cookies is Company’s legitimate interest (i.e. interest in the analysis, optimization and economic operation of the website and services) within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR).

How to control cookies

It is up to you to withdraw your consent or object to the use of cookies from our website or your device at any time as well as to control and/or delete cookies.

  • You can change your personal options by changing accordingly the settings of the browser you use, either allowing only certain types of cookies to be used or refusing their use altogether.
  • You may delete cookies from the computer or device you use any time you want to by following the path for deleting them from your browser's memory.
  • You can also set-up your browser you use so that you are either warned about cookies being used by certain services available on the web pages you browse or block the use of cookies altogether.

Most modern browsers allow you to set whether or not you accept cookies on your device. You may select the settings, so they cookies are not allowed on your device, to allow the acceptance of some or to reject other’s cookies. This may lead to the need for you to adjust manually specific preferences, when you visit a website or webpage. Furthermore, by entirely not accepting cookies, some of the services that are provided by the Website may not be functional at all.

For a more thorough and specific inspection regarding website cookies you are advised to check the cookie settings and personal data protection settings, which are contained in the browser you currently use. Links of the use manuals of some of the most basic web browsers you may use, are placed below:

You may also visit for details on how to delete or reject cookies and for further information on cookies generally.

How to submit your opinion

If you believe that we have not adhered to this Policy, please notify us by email at and we will try to solve the problem promptly. If you are not satisfied with our response, or have any other queries, you can also contact the Hellenic Data Protection Authority at

For any matter related to the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights, you can contact KYKNOS S.A. Greek Canning Company at 90, Kifissias ave, 151 25 Marousi, Attica or

Changes in the Cookies Policy

This Cookie Policy may be modified at any time. For this reason, it is advisable to regularly refer to this current Policy. This Policy entered into force on 1 November 2020. If modified, the date of such modification will be indicated. The applicable version of the Cookie Policy will be the most recently modified version.