A story of taste and tradition

Our history begins a hundred years ago as a small vegetable and fruit packing installation. Our long journey is a tale of love and commitment passed from generation to generation.

The founders of KYKNOS, the oldest canning industry in Greece.

The first statute of KYKNOS Greek Canning Company is agreed. The founders and members of the first board are Athanasios V. Papantoniou merchant, Michael D. Manoussakis physics professor, Ioannis G. Darmos merchant, Vassilios Athan. Papantoniou merchant and Constantine D. Manousakis, farmer. At this stage, production takes place in a small canning unit for vegetables and tomato paste.

Canned products from the first decades of the the canning industry KYKNOS.

The KYKNOS Greek Canning Company offers an opportunity to process and preserve Greek agricultural products, much of which would rot in the field otherwise. The first products under the KYKNOS brand are canned whole tomatoes, okra, green beans and tomato paste.

The old factory of the Greek Canning Company KYKNOS in Nafplio.
Workers at a section of the old processing line of the factories.

In 1928 the company establishes the first factory in the picturesque city of Nafplio, Peloponnese, where it installs the first rapid concentrators in Greece.

Female workers produce canned products during the first decades of the KYKNOS company.

At the time, production is basically labor oriented. Cans are both manufactured and filled in the factory.

Old processing unit at the factory of the canning company KYKNOS.
Workers transport produce to the Greek Canning Company KYKNOS.

The region of Argolis where Nafplio belongs, was known as the “Athenian orchard”. The area offered a rich harvest of vegetables to the Greek capital, all year round.

Design of architect Kaliklis for the new factory of canned products in Nafplio for KYKNOS
The renewed canning factorty in Nafplio in the '50s.

In 1950 the factory in Nafplio is renovated by the architect Kalliklis. The new industrial building is a unique, avant-garde symbol of architecture of the time.

Advertising poster of canning company Argoliki that was acquired by KYKNOS.

In the company acquires "Argoliki" factory, a canning factory operating in the same region.

Road sign of Savalia village in Ilia, where the newest factory of KYKNOS is founded.
Tractor carries tomato crop to the new can production factory of KYKNOS in Savalia, Ilia.

In the company operates a third factory in Savalia, close to ancient Olympia. The sunny valley of Elia region offers, every year, a very rich harvest of top quality tomatoes.

The first ever ketchup product in Greece by KYKNOS.

In it produces and launches ketchup for the first time in the Greek market.

Kyknos canning company exports from Greece to the whole world.

It is 1970 and KYKNOS is a worldwide exporting company and a strategic supplier to some of the world’s most famous food companies.

Canning company KYKNOS is granted the exports award from the former Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou.

In 1985 the company is awarded by ACCI (Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry) as one of the top Greek exporting companies.

The first ever tomato products in paper packaging in Greece.

In KYKNOS introduces a range of tomato products in paper aseptic pack under the name “Tomatino”.

The factory of canned products in Savalia

- is a very important turning point as the company relocates its production and distribution centers to Savalia, Elia region.

Farmers collect tomatoes from a field with mechanical means.

. KYKNOS is the first company in Greece to be certified according to the EurepGAP standards for integrated crop management of the industrial tomato that it processes.

Bunch of fresh red tomatoes for canned products company KYKNOS.
One-use paper-packaged  KYKNOS tomato paste in a triangular shape.

. The company launches its famous tomato paste in a 70g triangular- single use- paper pack. Also wins the first prize in New York Festival for the package design.

Production line of canned products.

-. KYKNOS factory is renovated. New mechanical equipment and production lines of latest technology are installed.

Modern facilities of packaging for transportation of products.
The popular paper-made packaging of crushed tomatoes.

. It launches one of the most preferred KYKNOS products: crushed tomatoes in a paper pack.

Gold Taste Award, BRC and IFS certificates.

. KYKNOS wins the GOLD TASTE AWARD for the supreme quality of its tomato paste.

. The company is certified according to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and IFS Food Standard for auditing quality and safety of food products

Canned readymade pizza sauce.

. KYKNOS tomatopaste is again awarded at the highest level with the superior taste award. It is also the year that the company’s pizza sauce is introduced to the market.

Leaflet for the 100 year long presence of the Greek Canning Company KYKNOS in Greece.

. The Greek Canning Company celebrates a century of successful operating.