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Awarding of "ETHOS GOLD" certification mark for KYKNOS

Awarding of

KYKNOS with 107 years of values ​​and vision stands next to the environment and society, offering natural and quality products, selecting prime partners, utilizing ethical methods of sustainable development to improve the production process, and aiming to leave a "green" imprint for a more sustainable planet for future generations. The recognition of this vision was sealed with the distinction of KYKNOS for the implementation of the ESG protocol, recognition for companies with a positive impact on society, and winning the ETHOS Gold. ETHOS is a Corporate Social Responsibility Evaluation Standard for businesses, jointly issued by CSR HELLAS (Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility) and EUROCERT, focusing on the basic principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, Responsible Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability. This distinction gives us the motivation and strength to continue offering quality products from the heart of the tomato!