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Christmas Pork with chestnuts

Preparation time: 20-25 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

For 4 servings

1 kg pork (in portions)
Olive oil
5-6 leeks (in slices)
3-4 medium onions (sliced or coarsely chopped)
500 gr Tomato Passata KYKNOS (slightly concentrated tomato juice)
1 tbsp Tomato Paste KYKNOS
½ kg chestnuts (boiled)
120 ml brandy
A little white balsamic vinegar
120 ml sweet wine
Salt, freshly ground pepper

Heat the olive oil in a deep saucepan and sauté the meat until it turns brown on all sides. Add the leeks and onions and mix. Let them sauté. Deglaze with wine, vinegar and alcohol and then pour the Tomato Paste KYKNOS into the pot, dissolved in a little water and then the Tomato Passata KYKNOS.
Once the food is boiling, add salt and the spices, lower heat and let it simmer for about 60 minutes until the meat is tender. If necessary, all this time add a little hot water. Finally, add the boiled chestnuts and cook for another 15 minutes or so until the food is left with its sauce.

Once you put the chestnuts in the pot, do not mix the food with a spatula. To prevent food from sticking, you should shake the whole pot.
To give a nicer and richer tomato taste to the food, put the tomato paste in the pot insoluble, immediately after sautéing the onion. Stir for a while before adding the liquid ingredients.