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Delicious Bolognese

Preparation time: 15΄

Cooking time: 25΄- 30΄

For 4 servings

500g spaghetti no 6 or other pasta of your choice
600g ground beef
1 onion (finely chopped)
2 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
500g Milled Tomatoes KYKNOS
1 tbsp. Tomato Paste KYKNOS
Salt, freshly ground pepper
A little paprika (optional)
Olive oil
Dry mizithra, kefalotyri or parmesan cheese for serving

Heat a little olive oil in a pot or deep-frying pan and fry the onion and garlic. Add the ground beef and sauté until it changes color.
Put in the pot the Milled Tomatoes KYKNOS and the Tomato Paste KYKNOS which has previously been dissolved in a little water. Stir, season and add a little lukewarm water. Let the sauce simmer for about 15-20 minutes.
Meanwhile, in another pot, boil the pasta in plenty of salted water and drain.
Serve in portions with the ground beef sauce. Sprinkle with grated cheese.