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Sandwich with haloumi cheese and rocket

Preparation time 10΄

Cooking time: 5΄-6΄

For 2 pieces


4 large slices of country wheat or multigrain bread
4 slices of haloumi cheese
1 bunch of rocket
1 grated carrot
4 tbsp. Ketchup 0% Added Sugar KYKNOS or even more
Salt, freshly ground pepper


Grill the cheese for a few minutes, until it gets colored on all sides.

Spread a lot of Ketchup 0% Added Sugar KYKNOS on the buns, put the rocket and grated carrot on top. Season with salt and pepper and place 2 slices of haloumi. Cover with the second bun.

Serve the sandwiches immediately, cut in half for convenience.

If we want to take them with us, we wrap them with food film.