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Crispy onion rings

Preparation time: 10΄ - 15΄

Cooking time: 15’ – 20’

For 4 persons

2-3 medium onions (preferably white)
150 gr. about all-purpose flour
About 200 ml of water
1 tsp. of baking powder
Little paprika
Salt, white pepper
200 gr. roughly coarse breadcrumbs or rusk (optional)
Sunflower or seed oil for frying
Chopped Parsley for serving (optional)
Ketchup KYKNOS for serving

Pour the breadcrumbs into a deep dish.
Put the flour, baking powder, salt, pepper, paprika and water in a bowl. Mix to make a porridge. If necessary, add additional water.
Clean the onions and cut them into slices. Separate the washers one by one with our hands.
Heat plenty of oil in a deep pan or fryer. Dip the onion rings one by one in the porridge, then in the breadcrumbs and fry them little by little, until they get colored on both sides.
Remove the onions to a plate lined with absorbent kitchen paper. Serve the onions, if desired, with additional paprika and chopped parsley while still warm. We serve them with plenty of Ketchup KYKNOS.