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Crispy potato sticks

Preparation time: 40΄

Cooking time: 15’

For 4 – 5 persons


1 kg. potatoes
250gr. all-purpose flour
Ketchup 0% KYKNOS
Salt, freshly ground pepper
Seed oil for frying


Wash well and boil the potatoes in plenty of salted water and then peel them while they are still warm and mash them with a fork or the mashing tool.
Put them in a deep bowl and add the flour and salt and pepper. Mix well, until the ingredients are homogenized and we achieve a pliable dough-like mixture. If necessary, add more flour.
Form the mixture into a ball and then spread it on a thick sheet. Cut into sticks about a finger thick.
Heat plenty of oil in a deep frying pan or fryer and fry the potato sticks until they get a nice color on all sides.
Transfer them to a plate lined with absorbent kitchen paper.
We serve them while they are still warm.
Pour over them with Ketchup 0% KYKNOS and accompany with additional Ketchup 0% KYKNOS in a bowl.


For greater convenience, we can put the mixture in a food bag and open it in a thick sheet.